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No Ending In Sight...

Once upon a time there was service called The Gifted Horse. The service included fundraising for causes related to the welfare of women and children, private holiday parties and branding for corporate gifts. After some time passed fundraising became the main service of The Gifted Horse. Because of that, more than $5,000,000 was raised to help local and global charities. Because of that, many of the women and children benefiting from the charities were able to turn their lives around and begin a new life. Some times the lives were improved from an abusive past or from a life threatening health condition. Every life was an equal part of making The Gifted Horse a new type of service that made fundraising fun and creative.

In the last couple years, The Gifted Horse took a more private role helping businesses - behind the scenes. Services focused more on consulting,  digital marketing and event promotions. Due to the recent COVID-19 and Coronavirus Pandemic, events were cancelled and primary clients discontinued their marketing needs because of closing their business. Like many other businesses life for The Gifted Horse halted to a complete stop. Instead of giving up and feeling hopeless about the economic downfall, a new opportunity presented itself. With so many in need of help, the skill of networking and sharing resources was the perfect fit for The Gifted Horse. A new purpose and business model was born. Today, The Gifted Horse is promoting the biggest event ever, the coming together of everybody in the world to fight COVID-19 and the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Please join the efforts. Currently, resources are curated for San Diego County. If the need presents itself, more areas will be added. It is a skeleton crew with no outside funding, so we are keeping it small to start. If you need something, we hope that you find the resources here. If you have something to offer, we hope that you feel safe and comfortable to share your information. The new business model is growing and we look forward to a new chapter in the continuing story of The Gifted Horse.

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