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While we are familiar with viruses like the common cold and the flu, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is new and presents a situation that none of us could have imagined a few short months ago. The fact that it is extremely contagious has resulted in business closures, social distancing, and quarantine measures which have disruptived our daily lives. It is more important now than ever to pay attention to mental health during this time of isolation and uncertainty.


Your Concerns Are Valid

There are many reasons that you might be concerned or worried about COVID-19. Some of the most common are: Getting sick, tasing the virus to others and financial stress. What is your biggest concern?

Factors that you can control during COVID-19.

Realize What You Can Control

One of the most frustrating things about COVID-19 is that so much about the virus and the limitations on where you can go are out of your control. However, there are things that you can control, and focusing on those things can provide you with some comfort. Some of the things you can control include: Your minded body, your immediate environment, what you consume and more. What is something you realize that you can control during COVID-19?